Revolutionary, kink-free Flexzilla® Premium Air Hose was a game-changer that has upped the ante for a traditional commodity product. It’s durable, it’s field-repairable and it’s made with a high-quality Hybrid Material that stays flexible down to 40 degrees below zero. Extreme all-weather flexibility quickly made Flexzilla the industry leader. Then Flexzilla Garden and Water Hoses revolutionized gardens, yards and work sites.

Lightweight, user-friendly ZillaGreen™ hose will not kink under pressure. Unlike heavy, stiff, old‑style hoses, it works with you, not against you. Users find Flexzilla fun and easy to use. And now Flexzilla Electrical Cords, Pressure Washer Hoses and other products are available to make work and domestic chores easier than ever. Leading‑edge technology and premium hose and cord materials give Flexzilla a serious edge over traditional products.

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The color CHARTREUSE as applied to the body of the air hose, battery operated grease guns and accessories, extension cord, and work and garden gloves is a registered trademark owned by Weems Industries, Inc.

The color CHARTREUSE as applied to the body of the air compressor, air hose coupler and plug, air tool, blow gun, grease gun, water hose, and water hose nozzle is a trademark owned by Weems Industries, Inc.